8/1: Cape Cod Baseball

I just recently got back from Cape Cod, and while I was there I got the chance to see a Cape League game.  The Cape League is essentially baseball in the purest form–college kids with aspirations of going pro.  Some were drafted out of high school and decided to postpone their professional careers until after college, others hoping for the call next June.

I usually go to at least one CCBL game every summer, but this year was my first game in Harwich.  I saw the Mariners play host to the Falmouth Commodores. It was the second game of a doubleheader, so it was supposed to only be 7 innings, but extra innings forced it to 9.  Unfortunately, since the teams rent their fields from local schools, they had to call the game after 9 innings in a 2-2 tie.

I didn’t try to get any autographs or baseballs in this one for a couple of reasons.  One, the week prior I went to the CCBL All-Star game at Fenway Park and got autographs of both All-Star teams.  Two, fans weren’t allowed to keep baseballs they got, so clearly no player was going to throw me any.

One thing I noticed in this game was the proximity the players had to both the fans and to the opposition.  Before the game, a number of players were hanging out in the bleachers talking to the fans and getting food at the concessions.  After the game, the teams shook hands with each other, something you never see in the higher levels of baseball. Overall it was a great experience, even though I couldn’t get any collecting done.

The pictures below are fairly self-explanatory:



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