What to Expect

This may be more for my own record keeping, but below is a list of all of the baseball/Fenway related events I’ll be attending this summer.

7/31 or 8/1: A Cape League Baseball Game
8/6: Paul McCartney Concert at Fenway
8/8: Futures at Fenway (AA and AAA games)
8/10: Tigers at Red Sox
8/21: Yankees at Red Sox
An Orioles game in late August

And I’ll also graph either the Sox or visitors during weekends before games at the parking lot.



  1. Crazy Baseball Stuff

    Hi David,
    My name is also David and I am from Boston too. I love collecting autos too i have one from the 2004 Red Sox team.
    The Shu

  2. raysfanboy

    Pretty great game going on right now between our teams. I’m surprised that Lester has been so dominant. He’s not bad, but our offense is pretty solid too. It’s the lefty syndrome. For some reason, it doesn’t matter who it is, we can’t hit lefties. Ugh!

  3. bostoncollector

    Yeah, good game indeed. Rematch of the ALCS Game 7 pitching matchup. Good thing Lester has been great, because Garza usually kills us.

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